Pool construction takes longer than planned

Pool construction started June 1st, the first day of summer, and should have finished early September.

Pool construction started June 1st, the first day of summer, and should have finished early September.

The website of the Burlingame Aquatics Club (BAC) states that construction on the pool will end Sept. 4. A quick look at the current state of the pool suggests that this is far from the truth. Sept. 4 was the initial end date for the project, which started June 1 and consisted of the renovation of the 50 meter pool and pool deck.

The project has been delayed, and there are no reported estimates of when it will be completed. The plan was to renovate the 50 meter pool and deck with a new surface of concrete. So far, the pool has been drained, the pool deck has been removed and the lights and other sections of the pool have been drilled out. However, there is no new concrete. The renovation of the pool was going as scheduled until complications were discovered with the pool rebar and electrical system during the initial construction efforts that made further work necessary.

This setback has led to numerous other problems. Since this complication was outside the boundaries of the contractor’s work, the school district was forced to rebid to cover the new costs, leading to further delays in negotiating with construction agencies and funding. Currently, certain demolition work is completed, and the electrical system is being investigated, but the pool has to yet again negotiate with the city about their construction plans. Though the SMUHSD has the open support of the city with their construction plans, they also have to wait for approval from the state government before work can continue. Furthermore, pool renovations were planned for the summer because the dry, hot weather allows the concrete to cure quickly and properly. As a result, current predictions for when pool construction will end are unclear, given that the drying of the concrete is dependent on the weather, and it is uncertain as to when the state will approve construction.

The BAC and Burlingame High School water polo teams have been severely affected by the pool renovation. The BAC currently uses King Pool and Joinville Pool for its swim programs and Mercy High School’s pool for its youth water polo teams. Starting Oct. 21, the BAC will suspend Lap Swim, Masters Swim, Group Swim Lessons and Splash Ball until pool construction is finished, as they are unable to support rent at King Pool. Private Swim Lessons and Water Aerobics will continue at Joinville Pool.

Burlingame High School has negotiated with the school district to ensure that their water polo teams receive enough pool hours for their fall seasons. As a result, the BHS boys and girls water polo teams travel frequently between Hillsdale, San Mateo, Capuchino and Mills for their practices, which puts a major strain on their seasons. 

“I think it is a hard thing that the team… [has to] move forward with. There are a lot of scheduling issues and often confusion, but as long as the team is able to work together and move past this … we will be able to push through and win.” said senior Varsity Water Polo player, Fenn Jones.

Fellow  team member, senior Andreas Dintcho expressed a similar sentiment.

“In this world, it’s either clap or be clapped.”

Posted on September 28, 2018 .