The need for indoor seating

When we first come back from summer break, everyone makes their permanent decisions for the year, their seat in class, their group of friends, and where they want to sit at lunch.  Many people choose to sit outside somewhere near either of the quads, but what is their fate in the wintertime?

As many of us have noticed, there is practically no indoor seating.  Students are left with three choices, each one of them flawed.  One option is to join a club so they can be in a nice cozy classroom but students may not be interested in the club they are joining.  Another is to sit at a table in the cafeteria, the problem with this is there aren’t very many seats in the cafeteria.  Their final option is to sit on the hallway floors, which are usually wet and grimy on rainy days from the bottom of peoples shoes.

Junior Julianna Jajeh typically sits in the hallway during lunch.  Regarding a place for indoor seating she told me “it’s difficult because there isn’t any room for a place to sit on a rainy day, but at the same time we don’t have any good options.”  She explained that sitting in the hallway was a solution, but that hallways are often crowded.

Some students, such as junior Ashley Chambers, have come up with the solution of joining a club for every day of the week in the winter months, but she finds these clubs “stressful” at times.  On top of her three AP classes and extracurriculars, a club can be hard to balance and adds to your workload.

The cafeteria is an unpopular location to sit in while it’s raining because space is limited, students must rush to find a spot and save more for their friends which can be difficult.  The air often gets stuffy and there is only enough room for about 50 students.

Burlingame High School needs to reevaluate its options for indoor seating, and though there isn’t a particular space that could be provided, it is important students know their options.

Posted on December 24, 2016 .