Working or Volunteering?

A high school student’s schedule is packed, between classes, homework, extracurriculars.  Many students feel pressure to take up a job or volunteer work, but most do not have time for both.

Both volunteer work and jobs look good on the college application because depending on what you do, they can set you apart from other applicants and show commitment. Though volunteer work is usually more philanthropic, having a job gives students some pocket money, which is helpful for students’ personal lives.

Some students, like me, have time for both a job and to volunteer.  One day a week I work at Preston's ice cream, and one day a week I volunteer at the SPCA.  I tend to notice that there are a lot more high school students at Prestons than the SPCA even though the staff is smaller.  Some students prefer to work rather than volunteer.

Junior Regilia Sambitan enjoys having a job. She feels it’s more beneficial for our futures.  “You get a steady salary, and better prepares you for the real world,” Sambitan said.  This is a good point, seeing that we will be working jobs for the rest of our professional life.  On the other hand, “it’s more of a commitment” and jobs are less laid back than volunteering because your employer relies on you to be there for all of your shifts or have someone fill in for you.  There is also more pressure to keep the job whereas volunteer work is open to everyone.

Personally, I have always found volunteering much more enjoyable than a job, whether that work is with preschoolers, animals, or nature.  Junior Madeline Hawley volunteers at a daycare at CSM. “It’s rewarding to work with kids and it’s fun when they are excited to see you and show you what they’ve made,” Hawley said.  These personal attachments with children or animals are a good way to relieve stress and lighten your day.  It’s also personally rewarding to feel that you’ve improved someone else’s life.  “[Volunteering] helps you give back to the community in a different way” Hawley explained.

Posted on February 24, 2017 .