Should we have different rally colors for each grade?

The Homecoming Rally featured students of each class wearing different colors, breaking the school’s annual tradition of a red code. Freshmen sported shades of yellow, sophomores dressed in blue, juniors wore shades of green and seniors donned red. For the first time in the history of BHS, all students wore not red, but different colors representing different Hogwarts factions and, now, each grade level. This break in our school’s classic tradition of “redding out” is what Burlingame needs to boost our spirit and pride.

Different schools throughout the San Mateo Union High School District such as Aragon, Mills and San Mateo all have varying levels of spirit as well as different ways of expressing their school pride.

At Mills High School, each rally that is held pertains to a specific theme from which their rally colors are based off of. According to junior Krista Woo, the school wears their school colors at the first rally, then each class is assigned a different color per each additional rally.

“Wearing different colors at each rally helps makes the experience a little different every time,” Woo said. “It’s fun to have a specific theme that the whole school goes along with.”

Similarly, students at Aragon High School don class colors that are specific to each grade level. For junior Cameron Ong, class colors encourage spirit at rallies even though the same class color is maintained year-round.

“The colors don’t get that redundant because they’re not our Aragon red and black that we would wear—if not for class colors.” Ong said.

At San Mateo High School, the school sports orange and black at its rallies and maintains a substantial level of school spirit. For junior Megan Saclayan, the school colors establishes a sense of spirit, unity, and school pride. Saclayan enjoys wearing the same colors to every rally because is able to see all her peers wanting to participate during the event.

“The students and faculty all deck out in orange and black,” Saclayan said. “Some wear face paint, tutus, fun socks, spirit gear, hair spray, etc.”

San Mateo High School’s leadership team has also started experimenting with class colors. According to Saclayan, the high school has only had one rally where each fourth period class was assigned a color according to the four elements: water, earth, air and fire.

“I think a change in rally colors would be beneficial to our school spirit,” Saclayan said. “That way we can express our love for our school in different colors.”

Although school colors do establish a sense of school pride, class colors are just what Burlingame needs to create school unity by embracing everything that is unique about each class and each individual.

According to Woo, rallies are the essence of “embracing our spirit and class as we all try to cheer the loudest and show the most spirit.”

“Coming together in one room or one area makes us visualize how the love we share at our school makes us a family,”Saclayan said.

 Freshmen show their spirit by wearing yellow during the Freshman dance routine.

Freshmen show their spirit by wearing yellow during the Freshman dance routine.

Posted on November 22, 2018 .