Girl’s Golf Gears Up for New Season

Fall in Burlingame contains the most no-cut sports, including: cross country, tennis, football, etc. This placement makes the most sense; the new school year gives people a chance to challenge themselves and meet new people. Joining an inclusive sport can be helpful. One of these sports is girls golf. Every Monday through Thursday after school, the girls meet on Crystal Springs to work on their game with their new coach, Joe Dito. Golf is unique because only the top 6 players are sent to play in matches. This year, Coach Dito said that, “the players are very competitive and want to improve to be in the top category in order to compete.”

In her first year on the team, sophomore Ella Cacciato, is looking forward to improving her game this season. “I expect to have a really successful season. I hope to see the new players, like me, improve and see the seniors and top 6 win some matches.” 

Posted on October 2, 2016 .