Little Big Game Preparation

The Little Big Game is arguably the most anticipated and spirit-filled event at BHS. It goes beyond the physical game. This year, a diverse community formed as different clubs and groups came together to prepare for the game. Athletes, cheerleaders, artists, and dancers all used their unique skills rally the entire school for the tradition. Their hard work paid off, and Burlingame protected the paw once again. Here is how each effort contributed to another win for BHS this year.



 Seniors Katherine Kawaguchi and Sloan Cimmet smile on top of the squad pyramid.

Seniors Katherine Kawaguchi and Sloan Cimmet smile on top of the squad pyramid.

BHS has won the Paw from San Mateo consecutively for the past six years. The only losses they have experienced in recent history were in 2002 and 2009. The pattern many students have dubbed the “seven year curse” has added even more to the anticipation for the 2016 Little Big Game.

Captain Cole Friedlander said, “It definitely adds to the pressure because we do not want to be that one Burlingame team that loses the paw to San Mateo.” The panthers overwhelmingly disproved the superstition with their win against the bearcats on Saturday: 42-7. For many of the players, their victory signified something much bigger than winning the paw. Friedlander says, “It means a lifetime of memories to our seniors to win the paw. Some of us were tearing up at the end because we knew our season was coming to a close.”



 Junior Aaron Gomez is lifted by his fellow dance members at the top of a pyramid.

Junior Aaron Gomez is lifted by his fellow dance members at the top of a pyramid.

San Mateo is known for their performing arts, and every year they showcase their impressive dance team and cheer squad at the Little Big Game. However, our very own cheerleaders have been training every day for the past few weeks to prepare for the event. The cheerleaders not only perform the half-time show, but they are responsible for inspiring and exciting the crowd throughout the entire game. Senior Katherine Kawaguchi said, “everyone has put in a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m really proud of the team and the commitment everyone has made to cheer.” And, like true cheerleaders, the team did not let anything daunt them and prevent them from doing their best. Junior Paige Wear said “the rivalry between the cheer teams definitely motivates my team and me to do better in our performance. The pressure ends up helping us to be better.”



The dance competition is arguably one of the most entertaining activities during the Little Big Game Rally. Dancers from each grade choreograph routines to excite the crowd and represent their grade. This year is junior Christian Yoder’s third year participating in the dance. “I really enjoy performing for the school as I do so in the musical and the spirit dance is a chance to share my comedy with BHS,” Yoder said. This year, the junior team incorporated popular music and several props to add to the whimsical nature of their dance.



One of the traditions in preparation for the Little Big Game is the grade banners. This year is junior artist Isabella Schenone’s third year designing and painting the banner. Schenone said “I choose to work on the banner every year because it’s fun and I enjoy contributing to it.” This year, the canvas size was reduced by half, but the artists were still able to fit their ideas. The banner is a chance for artists like Schenone to showcase their artistic talents that they work on outside of school. Schenone said outside of BHS, she “paints, draws,  doodles, does crafts, models clay, and experiments with different types of mediums.”


Posted on November 22, 2016 .