Cross country star, Jillian Jordan, qualifies for CCS

Jillian Jordan runs on the Crystal Springs cross country course during the PAL meet.

Jillian Jordan runs on the Crystal Springs cross country course during the PAL meet.

Jillian Jordan, a junior on the Burlingame cross country team, has been a longtime star of the team. Jillian Jordan started her cross country career in the sixth grade.

“It was the only sport that my elementary school offered,” Jordan explained. “I had always played soccer, so it was a natural extension.”

Cross country is not the only sport Jillian plays; she also enjoys soccer and futsal. However, she receives a lot of recognition for her exceptional running ability. Just last year, as only a sophomore, she broke 19 minutes, finishing in 18:59 on the Crystal Springs cross country course during a CCS race, which qualified her for state. She was the only member of the team, both male or female, to qualify for state and her time put her in 7th place for CCS. However, she decided not to go to state, since her soccer team, which she was the captain of, had a tournament that weekend.

She said that it was a hard decision to make, but explained, “It was my responsibility to follow through with my prior commitment, especially because there was a team counting on me.”

Sadly, this year Jillian was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction, which made it harder for her to breathe.

“I have had to focus more on changing how I breathe rather than my times,” she said. Although she did end the subject on a brighter note, saying, “It is slowly getting better, and I hope to finish this season strong. I look to come back next year and race more competitively.”

Despite this, Jillian still regularly places first for BHS varsity girls in our cross country meets.

Although she experiences a lot of success in cross country, Jillian described the great atmosphere that the cross country team has, saying, “the thing I have enjoyed most about cross country is the environment that Obbie has established on the team. He has created a place where everyone is welcome. There is no pressure, only support.”

Posted on December 4, 2016 .