Varsity Girls Basketball remains optimistic about the season

The Varsity Girls Basketball Team has had a promising start to the season under the leadership of their new coach Joe Dito. Although their record is 4-3, they have enjoyed substantial wins in several of their first games. The team was victorious at home against Everett Alvarez in a decisive 41-24 win.  Other victories have come against Marshall and Jefferson.

Although both the varsity and junior varsity teams have not had the start they hoped for, junior varsity sophomore player Ella Cacciato remains optimistic.

“Our early struggles do not represent the potential for our team,” Cacciato said. She continued by saying, “the time we put into practices is going to show on the court.”

Tournament play has been difficult for the varsity team as they suffered a close 33-31 loss at the Lynbrook tournament against a San Benito team. The close game was a tough loss for the players.

The Varsity team’s latest win came on their home court against Balboa in a close 43-40 win. Although the team is not satisfied with there .571 win percentage it is promising for the program as it shows the team gaining success when compared to previous years.  Last year the team was 1-7 at this point in the year. The ended the 2015-2016 season with a win percentage of .238. Many of their games against rivals such as San Mateo happen in January. The bulk of their schedule is played after the break but these first games are a good indication of what the team has to prepare for to be successful in the rest of the season.

Posted on December 24, 2016 .