Softball looks forward to next year’s season

The softball season this year has not been the best for the team. The rain at the beginning of the season canceled many games that would have benefited the girls' ability to practice and play the positions they wanted.

Senior Lindsey Schloetter added that the busy schedule after the rain was also hard on the team. Despite the adversity, the players did have some good games.

Schloetter said, “our team improved a lot. We definitely got better at communicating, and the team dynamic got better. I really enjoyed going to the Half Moon Bay tournament with the team because it was really fun and we got to spend more time together.”

Even though some of the losses were not what the girls hoped for, they still had some great wins.

“We got second place in our tournament in Half Moon Bay,” sophomore Adrianna Desanto said.

The underclassmen and future upperclassmen hope to make it to CCS next year and might have a better chance since they now know that they can play on turf fields like other softball teams did. Many of the girls plan on returning next year, which means the team will already have experience playing with each other and in the positions.

Freshman Chloe McNamara, who is a pitcher, said that “this season we all gelled together. We work well as a team, and we’ve learned how to work with each other. I hope that we grow even more than we did this year. A lot of our players from this year are probably coming back."

Posted on May 19, 2016 .