Cheer turns up their game

Burlingame High School’s cheerleading team has been working hard to make this year even stronger and more spirited. With a total of 40 cheerleaders on both the JV and Varsity teams, the team is at its largest size in years.

“Because of our size, we are able to create more intricate pyramids and have a louder presence at games,” coach Lynn Currie said.

For the Little Big Game, both teams are going to work together to complete complex stunts, choreography, and faster-paced routines. Cheerleaders, who are also in charge of planning and decorating the homecoming dance, have decided on a Panthers Around the World theme.

“We are going to have a requested, returning D.J., thematic photo, dessert and snack stations, as well as, the coveted henna station,” Currie said.

“It’s like a cultural fair but homecoming.” sophomore Ally Wright said.

Posted on October 24, 2017 .