Varsity Boys Water polo ends in a disappointing CCS season.

After a disappointing run in CCS, the Varsity Boys Water polo team has ended their season after their 10-5 loss to Santa Cruz on Nov. 4.

Jacob Chudnovsky made first team, Mason Rossi earned second team, and Luca Aliaga earned an honorable mention.

“We just weren't aggressive enough,” said captain and senior Jacob Cudnovsky. “We were ready for the season to be over. It is a long season, but if you sign up for a sport, you have to stay committed to it for the entire year and we started with that mentality but we sort of fell down and couldn't get back on our feet. We lost our grit and our wanting to win, and that's all it took to lose.”

Chudnovsky also commented on problems the team faced during the season that contributed to their loss.

“We shouldn’t have let petty things like infighting or girls or friends outside of school get in the way of how we do in the water. I feel like some stupid stuff got in the way of what could have been a very good season. But these guys have next year and they can learn from this year.”

Despite their early end to the season, the juniors remain confident for their next season.

“We’re losing two of our most important people, but a lot of our underclassmen are getting a lot better and a lot stronger,” junior Brandon Pham said. “And especially since our coach is gonna be a second year coach with more experience, he’ll know what our limits are and where we can reach.”

Posted on November 16, 2017 .