Girls’ Golf has cuts for first time

Cuts were made to the Girls’ Golf team for the first time this year. The final roster consists of 18 girls out of the 36 who tried out, with the “top six” set to play matches.

“If I had the capacity, I wouldn’t cut anyone,” coach Joe Dito said.  He hopes not to have to cut anyone next year, saying that if there’s enough interest he plans to petition to the school to create a junior varsity team.

“I understand why they did it and next year there hopefully won’t be and hopefully there will be a JV team,” senior Camryn Kenneally, one of the top six, said.

“It’s hard because there already isn’t a lot of girls who play golf,” senior top six player Mackenzie Fornesi said, “so thinking of having to cut girls - it’s kind of scary for next year, not knowing who’s going to try out again.”

The team, which has already played a tournament and a match against Hillsdale, plays its next match on Friday, Sept. 29 against Aragon.

Posted on September 26, 2017 .