3rd reserve goalie beats Hillside in water polo game

Last Wednesday, September 27th, the Panthers played Hillside here at Burlingame High School, but what they expected to be a standard game turned into something much more than they had planned.

 Shevach during a prior practice takes aim at the goal.

Shevach during a prior practice takes aim at the goal.

The panther’s star goalie, Davor Koprivcic, had sustained an injury to the groin last practice, and during warmups, there was a point when he was unable to even tread water.

Normally, Wesley Chen, reserve goalie, would fill the position, however he was absent during the game, leaving varsity coach Austin Carr to pick at a player who he deemed fit to fill the role. That player was Jason Shevach.

“We were warming up, and right after, coach said, ‘get up for the game, but Davor is not playing in goal: we have Jason,’” recounted Jacob Chudnovsky, captain of the team. “Right then and there I kind of smirked: I knew we're going to lose. But as the game progressed I realised that I made a big mistake by making that assumption.”

By the end of the game, the Panthers had beat Hillside 13-9, leaving everyone in a state of amazement and pride.

“Jason can play in any position, and I’m really proud,” Chudnovsky said.

“I felt pretty happy, mainly that we won, but also that I performed better than I expected,” Shevach said. “I expected that if we lost it would be my fault. I think we have a good shot against MA, because if we can beat a team who we consider one level below MA without our goalie, I think we can beat MA with our regular goalie.”

The Panthers play Menlo-Atherton next Wednesday, October 4th, and are going into the game with confidence, with hope that Koprivcic will make a speedy recovery.


Posted on September 29, 2017 .