Girls Tennis draws closer to finals

Although the Burlingame girls varsity tennis team was losing their October 9 match against Carlmont, one wouldn’t know it from the spirit and positivity emanating off the team. After losing her first set, sophomore Vedika Bhaumik took a water break; not showing dismay over her loss but instead discussing what she could improve on in the following game with her coach, keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses. Bhaumik says that “I tend to hit all these aggressive shots that never make it over the net,” and wants to focus on improving this as the season continues but thinks that “my strengths are my serves, they have gotten exponentially better throughout the season.”

At the beginning of the season, sophomore Olina Du stated, “it’s definitely really exciting, as we have a lot of new freshmen this year to fill the empty spots of the seniors. I’m excited to see how the season will go with these new freshmen.” Du’s excitement was met with the phenomenal chemistry of the team. As this season has progressed, the team has formed closer bonds with one another and have learned to improve together. Sophomore Elisabeth Weimar states that “overall, this group has a really good morale. We always encourage each other and we really want each other to succeed.” Bhaumik builds off of Weimar’s thoughts, saying that “there’s no conflict between upperclassmen and lowerclassmen. Everyone is just very inclusive.”

With only eight games left in the season, Weimar is also feeling hopeful about the rest of the games and says that “as the season has progressed we’ve gotten stronger and I think definitely we have a chance of going further in the finals than we did last year… if we win the next couple of games we’ll be able to make it to the playoffs.” Bhaumik supports this and says that “we‘ve had our ups and downs but I think that overall as a team we’ve bonded pretty well and with the new players coming in I think there’s a lot of hope for the future.” The team plans to take this confidence and excitement with them into the finals.

Overall, as the team draws nearer to finals, they are excited and also nervous. As a whole, they have improved on not only their tennis skills, but also have created and strengthened their bonds with one another. The team has learned to grow together and hopes to carry their confidence with them through their next few games.

 Freshman Annika Ganguly prepares to return a serve in Burlingame's game against Half Moon Bay.

Freshman Annika Ganguly prepares to return a serve in Burlingame's game against Half Moon Bay.

Posted on October 24, 2018 .