Girls junior varsity volleyball succeeds through cultivating confidence

With a record of 13-4, the girls junior varsity volleyball team is wrapping the season up with success. With only two games left to go, the team will work hard in order to win their final game. The team feels confident that it will be able to end the season with one more win.

“Our beginning goal was to improve individually and bond to work together better during games,” sophomore setter Neha Bandrapalli said. The girls stated that they have become close friends throughout the season, which was the reason for their success. Bandrapalli says that they have had many practices which improved their endurance and communication skills significantly.

The team has made great strides toward bonding with one another and strengthening its skills on the court.

“We have bonded so well with each other because we have been winning the games, so it pushes us to want to work harder and become closer as a team,” sophomore setter Camilia Noureddine said.

“At the beginning of the year, we didn’t really feel comfortable with each other, we didn’t have chemistry yet. And now, after spending so much time with each other, I think we really bonded and we’ve made a really good team,” freshman setter Danielle Lewis said. The team’s chemistry has also been good motivation for the team, as each of the players push each other to improve.

“We have improved so much this year as a team because we found a way to bond with each other and we found a way to work with our strengths and combine our weaknesses to limit them,” sophomore libero Madison Kamuller said.

Although they started off struggling to work well, the team has overcome their early season obstacles and finished off strong.

“We want to show off who we are and we want to show how far we’ve come as a team,” Kamuller said.

 Samantha Palacio and Theresa Dakin get ready to return the opponent's serve

Samantha Palacio and Theresa Dakin get ready to return the opponent's serve

Posted on October 31, 2018 .