Football versus basketball: the cheerleading edition

Unlike other sports at BHS, cheer spans the entire year rather than one season. Cheer begins during the summer, before the start of school, and ends in the spring. During the fall and winter, the cheer team attends the football games to support the football team. During spring, they are required to attend basketball games in the gym. They practice every day after school from 3:45 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. to go over their stunts and dances.

Cheering for football games is also oftentimes more serious than cheering for basketball games because there are more people watching the football games and the Little Big Game show is very important. Cheering for basketball games is more flexible and the members are given more freedom.

“Cheering for basketball games is different from cheering for football games in that there are different cheers and the halftime routines are limited due to the amount of space in the gym,” junior Julia Doherty said.

Additionally, the football halftime routines are choreographed by varsity cheer captains. But for basketball games, the junior and freshman cheerleaders have the opportunity to choreograph the half-time routines. Then, the team performs the dances created during halftime of basketball games. The cheerleaders have the opportunity to create the halftime routines, but the cheers still stay the same for when the basketball or football teams scores points.

“I choreographed a halftime routine for the basketball games when I was a freshman in JV cheer and I really enjoyed the freedom I got to change the dances the way I wanted. Then, seeing all of my team members performing the dance that I created was so gratifying. I had a great experience,” Doherty said.

 Varsity cheerleaders performing at the Little Big Game rally on Friday, November 2.

Varsity cheerleaders performing at the Little Big Game rally on Friday, November 2.

Posted on November 22, 2018 .