Track and field

Track and field’s record is not fully indicative of how the season has gone so far. Though wins have been hard to come by - the boys’ varsity team is 0-5 while the girls’ team is 1-4 - the atmosphere at practice has been full of enthusiasm and focus. That’s because this year, the team’s objective has been to get better, rather than just win.    

According to head coach Chris Coleman, the track team’s top priority is, and always will be, preparation and improvement.

“I would say the best thing that’s happened so far this year is just the amount of kids that are working as hard as they’re working,” Coleman said.

Coleman’s emphasis on hard work and preparation has come to define the team’s collective approach to workouts.

“Coach Chris makes people want to work hard and improve,” sophomore Brendan Creeks said. “People are more motivated to do their workouts intrinsically rather than being forced to do them by someone.”

Creeks is just one of many track athletes to set a personal record (PR) in an event this year, evidencing the results of the improvement-oriented culture Coleman has fostered.

With one meet left before the Peninsula Athletic League trials, the team is far from done improving.

“Everyone is looking to improve for the rest of the season and I think people will as they keep working hard,” Creeks said.

Posted on May 3, 2018 .