Burlingame hit hard by renovation at home pool

Recent pool construction has hit the Panthers hard, effectively removing their summer pre-season practice and significantly cutting their weekly practice schedule.

Before the season starts, Burlingame usually takes two weeks to practice. However, due to late planning, the team only received the two days before school started for practice. Additionally, without a home pool to practice in, the Panthers have relied on various schools in the district to lend their pools for daily practices. Not only are the Panthers hurt by the commute, but their time allotment has gotten shorter since last year.

“This year we have an hour and a half practices at various high schools,” senior Jason Shevach said. “This includes the transportation time to get there, so students are spending more time getting to and from the practices than they are actually practicing in the pool.” But the team’s troubles don’t stop there. Due to junior varsity coach John Dhyne’s commute from BHS to various pools, the varsity and jv team must share practices as well as coaches.

“As a varsity team we should be practicing with people of our own skill level,” senior Davor Koprivic said. “When we bring in jv… we have to teach them and it’s kind of annoying with some of those players.”

However, despite these setbacks, morale is high on the team.

“I feel pretty David-esque,” Shevach said, in reference to the biblical tale of David and Goliath.

The Panthers’ record as of Sept. 24  is 2-1, and they will face Hillsdale on Oct. 3.

Posted on September 29, 2018 .