Frankie Ferrari

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For as long as he can remember, Frankie Ferrari has played as many sports as possible. While excelling as an athlete overall, it was on the hardwood at Burlingame High School that the 2014 graduate was able to separate from the competition. In his senior year and final season playing basketball for Burlingame, Ferrari averaged a jaw-dropping 22.4 points per game to carry the Panthers farther into the playoffs than ever before.

“My favorite times were the Friday night games where your whole community is there,”  Ferrari said. “I think there is nothing better than that and I’ve played in front of 20-30,000 people in college.”

Ferrari, who is now playing in his senior season in college, has been a dominating force as the point guard for the University of San Francisco for the past four years. He has led them to three straight seasons in which they finished with a win rate at or above 50 percent and are well on their way to their best season yet during Ferrari’s tenure.

“Being a hometown kid, USF was somewhere that I felt like was home and that’s ultimately why I chose to go there,” Ferrari said.

Being under a 30 minute drive from BHS when traffic is light, many aspiring Burlingame basketball players can be seen in attendance from time to time in the stands of Ferrari’s games. Ferrari, who has a likely future in the NBA just around the corner, hopes to show BHS athletes what they can become.

“Really focus in; the four years go by really fast … cherish each moment and work hard during the offseason,” Ferrari said.

Posted on January 8, 2019 .