Greer Chrisman

When Greer Chrisman first tried competitive track, it was mainly just to test her speed that she had discovered on the soccer field. Little did she know that track would remain a big part of her life for the next twelve years and that it, not soccer, would be the sport that she pursued at the collegiate level.

After an illustrious running career at BHS, Chrisman, who graduated in 2014, continued on to run the 400-meter hurdles and 800 meters for Santa Clara University. At BHS she ran short distance relays and middle distance hurdles, and kickstarted her serious passion for the sport.

“BHS did wonderful things shaping me as an athlete…  I made some of my best friends through sports, learned soft skills as a teammate and a team leader, created relationships with my coaches to help progress my abilities, and [learned] how to work hard to achieve the things you want,” Chrisman said.

During her time working with current track head coach Chris Coleman, Chrisman brought her skills to the next level, allowing her to compete on the collegiate level.

“It is very easy to be a big fish in a little pond in high school but when college comes around you quickly learn you are a little fish in a big pond,” Chrisman said.

Posted on January 8, 2019 .