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Could the fires happen here?

Ben Neuman, Webmaster

December 20, 2017

In early October, a series of fires swept through the Wine Country; aided by strong winds and arid conditions. Thousands of acres of land were scorched by these fires that burned through everything in their paths. When such...

A Robotics Recap

December 20, 2017

Alumni in the community give back

December 19, 2017

Four successful alumni who remain in the Bay Area have given back to the school by speaking to Mr. Karshan’s speech class or have hosted field trips at their places of work. Their stories shows that there are many paths to a ...

A need for an academic testing calendar

Hanna Sato

November 26, 2017

Students face the stress of multiple tests on a daily basis. The problem of test overlap has become a serious concern for students, and the implementation of a more regulated test schedule is a necessity. The United States...

Hallmark Park and the heat, “a recipe for disaster”

November 26, 2017

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, sophomore Brendan Creeks spent the last hundred yards of his cross country race stumbling and crawling to the finish, barely getting one hand across the line before race officials had to carry him off ...

Adderall dealing on campus reflects increasing academic pressures

November 26, 2017

At a competitive school in the shadow of Silicon Valley and elite universities, there are many times when studying alone doesn’t cut it. In these times of need, students buy and sell Adderall out of pocket to keep up with the...

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