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The Burlingame B is a student-run organization at BHS with the goal of providing the Burlingame community with relevant and timely information on the happenings of the town.


Policy Statement:

The Burlingame B is a student-run newspaper with the sole purpose of providing an open forum for student expression. Anything printed represents the opinion of the writer, but not necessarily that of the Burlingame B staff, the administration, or the faculty of Burlingame High School, or anyone affiliated with the San Mateo Union High School District. The Burlingame B does not discriminate against race, political orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Although The Burlingame B will never refuse to publish guest submission based on the aforementioned factors, we reserve the right to edit or not publish them.


Letters to the Editor:

Disagree with the writers? Bring your letters to the room A120 or email them to <[email protected]>. Letters may be considered for publication. The Burlingame B reserves the right to edit for clarity, length, and accuracy. We welcome all comments.


Online Comment Policy:

The Burlingame B encourages dialogue with our audience. We welcome constructive comments that avoid libel, hate, profanity and misinformation. In an effort to give voice to a variety of perspectives, anonymous comments will be considered, but signed comments are preferred. If you would like to submit an anonymous comment, please write “Anonymous” in the “Name” field below. While a valid email address is required, the Burlingame B will not publish your email address. The Editorial Board will review comments and decide whether they will be put online; the editors reserve the right to edit for concision.

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