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The lunch cafeteria in the comedy Mean Girls is where cliques congregate. Although cliquey friend groups exist at Burlingame, lunchtime dynamics certainly do not reach the same intensity.

Not every Burlingame high school experience feels like a movie

Joelle Huysmans, Diversity Coordinator September 6, 2023

When I pictured high school life as a rising freshman, I imagined hectic hallways, cliquey cafeterias and spirited football games. Like most nervous eighth graders, I was imagining myself trying to survive...

Maison Alyzée, a relatively new bakery on the main strip of Burlingame Avenue, shined in every category: taste, service and atmosphere.

Battle of the bakeries: The stakes are high in the pastry world

Sophia Doss, Senior Reporter September 1, 2023

When it comes to food offerings, Burlingame Avenue has a problem of excess. Presented with a wide variety of restaurants — from Italian to Mexican to Mediterranean to Indian food — it isn’t hard...

Students sit quietly in Mrs. Bosinoff’s Spanish 1 class on April 6.

We need more options in the language department

Natalie Gyde, Social Coordinator May 15, 2023

According to Newsdle, as of 2022, 91% of U.S. high schools offer a foreign language course with 75% of language students being enrolled in Spanish, followed by a significant drop of only 15% being enrolled...

Gone are the days where artists of the likes of Sinatra and Santana ruled the music industry. Now, in place of those greats has come a different, more modernized, generation of younger artists.

Modern music: overproduced and unoriginal

Arshia Chakravartti, Copy Editor May 14, 2023

Harry Styles. The Weekend. Lana Del Rey. All of these artists are major icons in the music industry on an international level, with concert tickets selling out and albums hitting the top-10 of every chart....

I reviewed four amazing recipes I found online and gave them individual scores based on how good they tasted.

Healthy desserts are all over the internet — I taste-tested four viral treats

Ellie Neuman, Staff Reporter May 2, 2023

All over the internet are billions of recipes for healthy, alternate desserts that are meant to satisfy one’s sweet tooth without consuming too many ingredients that could make them feel bloated or nauseated,...

Senior Morgan Patch radiated beauty in her sophisticated yet playful tulle dress during last year’s prom at City Hall.

Students share fashion tips for this year’s prom dresses

Ruby Rosenquist, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

Hey high schoolers, Gossip Girl here… and I have the biggest news of the season. Prom is fast approaching and Burlingame is bursting with chatter about the big night. With an event as monumental as prom,...

Caitlin (left) and Rorie Stone (right), who are identical twins, stand next to each other outside the D building on Wednesday, April 26.

Sibling rivalry is real — here’s how to handle it

Kristie Kim, Social Coordinator April 27, 2023

Being a sister is a major part of my identity. As much as I love my siblings, though, I also hate them sometimes.  As we’ve grown up, my relationships with my older brother and twin sister have changed....

Seniors Archer Grenier and Malia Schmidt embrace after a successful prom-posal!

Three prom-posal ideas for this year’s big dance

Danny Conway, Staff Reporter April 25, 2023

Hey there, lovebirds! Prom is quickly approaching, but don’t fret if you are dateless! I am here to help.  There is no shame in going to a dance on your own or with a group of friends, but those...

Follow-up to Investigation of drug use article

Follow-up to ‘Investigation of drug use’ article

Burlingame Administrative Team April 18, 2023

Dear editor-in-chief,  On behalf of the Burlingame High School administration, I want to provide additional balance, perspective, and factual information to the article titled Investigation of Drug...

The atmosphere in Twelvemonth is unlike any other restaurant I’ve visited before with noticeable green and gold accents.

Review: Twelvemonth, Burlingame’s new blockbuster restaurant

Sophia Doss, Senior Reporter April 14, 2023

Burlingame residents and culinary gurus alike have been awaiting the grand opening of Twelvemonth. Having been under construction for so long, many people had started to doubt its arrival; however, the...

After the past couple of entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) such as “Black Widow” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” I do not find myself enjoying Marvel anymore.

I don’t watch marvel movies anymore

Arda Inegol, Business Manager March 14, 2023

May the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) rest in peace. The studio that brought us “Avengers,” “Iron Man” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and inspired a generation of young-moviegoers, has finally...

Like many technologies, gasoline and air conditioning promised extensive benefits to our society despite — or perhaps because of — their destructive effects.

Should we blame our grandparents for triggering climate change?

Joelle Huysmans, Diversity Coordinator February 20, 2023

On California highways, it’s hard to miss the warning signs of climate change. They are big, with bold black text on a white backdrop. “$1000 fine for littering,” they say, like an angry teacher...

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