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Human disregard for the environment caused the pandemic

Caroline Yeow

The current pandemic is only one consequence of human irresponsibility. Climate change, trash in the ocean and damaged habitats are among others.

Public schools like Burlingame are feeding into the “elitism” the SAT fosters

Allison Szetu

On Oct. 14, seniors at Burlingame took the SAT despite most colleges going test optional.

Listen to the voice of nature, Attenborough’s new documentary warns

hoto Courtesy of IMDb

94-year-old naturalist David Attenborough takes a stand on climate change in his recent documentary, which can be viewed on Netflix.

Universities, forced to scale down admissions factors amid a global pandemic, might change their admissions process forever, in favor of more genuine applications

Caroline Yeow

When scores, grades and numerous clubs are taken away, colleges are forced to base admission on personality and character.

A24 coming-of-age films have transformed cinema

Photos courtesy of Complex

A collage of leading characters from respective A24 coming-of-age films.

This pandemic is not only physically straining: are we spending too much time with family?

COVID-19 affects not only social life but home life, as families struggle to connect due to their close proximity.

Field trips: A high school hidden gem


Links to BTV and the daily bulletin can be found on the school website.

Academy Award for Best Picture 2020: Who deserves to win?

Hollywood Reporter

Photo caption: In "Parasite," one of the leading Best Picture nominees, the poverty-stricken Kim family attempts to make a living by exploiting the wealthy Park family.

Grades and scores are not everything

Students stress about their schoolwork and their grades in their computer science class.

“Ok Boomer” fuels a generational war
We change historical events to complement current ideas
Evolution of American flag raising red flags
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