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This pandemic is not only physically straining: are we spending too much time with family?

COVID-19 affects not only social life but home life, as families struggle to connect due to their close proximity.

Field trips: A high school hidden gem


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Academy Award for Best Picture 2020: Who deserves to win?

Hollywood Reporter

Photo caption: In "Parasite," one of the leading Best Picture nominees, the poverty-stricken Kim family attempts to make a living by exploiting the wealthy Park family.

Grades and scores are not everything

Students stress about their schoolwork and their grades in their computer science class.

“Ok Boomer” fuels a generational war
We change historical events to complement current ideas
Evolution of American flag raising red flags
Religion must overcome a secularizing America

Religious belief is waning in schools across the country, but schools can make efforts to help religious students navigate secular environments.

Birdbox and imagining fear
The Value of Individual Sports

David Mehran

While sports like basketball have merit, individual sports teach you better life values.

The Physical Education Dilemma
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