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Students should not worry about AP tests for a multitude of reasons, one being that their scores do not impact their GPAs.

Relax, they’re only AP tests

Arda Inegol, Business Manager May 20, 2024

As the year comes to a close, hundreds of anxious faces fill the library, alumni room and Community Center over a two-week period to take Calculus, Spanish, Statistics, Physics and countless other Advanced...

Up-and-coming K-pop girl group IVE performs at the Oakland Arena for their first-ever world tour.

From a mere fan to a diehard, my experience at a K-pop concert

Audrey Wei, Staff Reporter May 2, 2024

Korean pop music — K-pop — is a cultural phenomenon. From the global sensations of Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), BIGBANG, and BLACKPINK, Korean pop music or K-pop has solidified its place in the hearts...

In 2008, voters approved a $10 billion bond to build a high-speed rail connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles, projected to be completed by 2020. However, four years later, the project remains unfinished, with costs soaring nearly $100 billion over the original budget.

California has to rid itself of a ‘no’ mentality to change its relationship with cars

Sophia Bella, Managing Editor April 23, 2024

Streamlining public transportation has long been a favored approach to combat climate change, and rightfully so. The advent of the automobile completely changed our relationship with space, redesigning...

Every year, thousands of competitive seniors get rejection letters like this one.

Rejection wall will celebrate redirections

Arda Inegol, Business Manager April 23, 2024

I am genuinely sorry to inform you… It is with real regret that I write to inform you… Thank you for your interest… After a thoughtful review of your application…. Rejection after rejection...

Many students feel that the Bluebook practice exams are not preparing them for the digital SAT test.

New March digital SAT is far from perfect

Jeannine Chiang, Web Editor April 14, 2024

Find an equation to fit this graph. Solve for x-values in this exponential function. Use the infamous quadratic formula. These are typical, if mind-numbing, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) math questions....

In the past decades, pop culture has shifted from concrete universal trends to quick micro trends due to the increasing use of social media.

Is pop culture dead?

Sophia Doss, Senior Reporter March 28, 2024

Throughout the decades, statements of the current period have been reflected through fashion or trends that uniquely represent the environment. There is no ‘70s without bell-bottom jeans and tie-dye,...

 Books from ancient India to modern novels written by Indian-American authors have paved the way for more diverse cultural representation in written works.

Comic books and culture: My connection to South Asian literature

Arshia Chakravartti, Copy Editor March 28, 2024

Books have an innate power to open a reader’s eyes to another world, creating this feeling of wonder and awe at a place that is not real but feels just within reach. I’ve experienced these same feelings...

English is one of the most tech-heavy classes. While students still rely on physical books to read, most essays, assignments and tests are taken digitally.

Technology in schools: for better or worse?

Evelyn Du, Staff Reporter March 17, 2024

In an era of constant technological advancement, our society is ever-changing to match the outputs of invention and discovery. Schools are no exception, as a study conducted by the Educational Testing...

Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (Austin Butler) fight a battle to the death to determine whether or not Paul has the might to become emperor.

‘Dune: Part Two’ is an exquisite cinematic experience

Arda Inegol, Business Manager March 5, 2024

Miles of orange sand dunes traverse a gigantic screen that extends 80 feet from the ground to the ceiling of a fully-packed theater. The booming cheers of Fremen soldiers echo through the walls as opposing...

Popular out-of-state schools attract students nationwide, leading to an influx of applicants.

Are out-of-state schools worth the hype?

Sophia Doss, Senior Reporter February 27, 2024

Every year, as college application season rolls around, a remarkable number of students nationwide and here at Burlingame apply to out-of-state universities, often public schools, known for their roaring...

Top reads for the seasonal reader

Top reads for the seasonal reader

Arshia Chakravartti, Copy Editor February 14, 2024

  “Ring for Jeeves” By: P.G. Wodehouse Whether you want a break from your assigned English class text or simply want a quick escape from life, P.G Wodehouse’s “Ring For Jeeves”...

Ben (Glen Powell) waits for help on a raft with Bea (Sydney Sweeney) after jumping off the boat to save her.

Social media overhyped “Anyone But You”

Kaylee Hwang, Staff Reporter February 14, 2024

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.” “Clueless.” “No Hard Feelings.” Aside from all being classics of the genres, these romantic comedies also have significant plot elements in common: Two people...

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