The Burlingame B

Administration suspends conservative activist club Turning Point USA
Board unanimously approves extracurricular testing policy and hears student perspectives at recent meeting
Breaking Down the Walls program returns to Burlingame
Freshman class cabinet embraces new leadership roles
Board of Trustees punts again on a vaccine and testing mandate for extracurricular activities
School board tables decision on extracurricular vaccine mandates
SMUHSD Board denies proposal to fly pride flag
Burlingame reopens its doors to students
BIS begins in-person instruction as BHS welcomes students back to campus
Existing A Building ventilation concerns exacerbated by return to school
AP World to replace AP Euro
Surge in anti-Asian hate engenders peaceful rally in San Mateo
Bay Trail flood project gives residents first taste of climate protection program
Subject tests and optional SAT essay thrown away by College Board
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