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Students without a 5th, 6th or 7th period are expected to receive stickers for their ID cards from the counseling office, indicating that they are permitted to leave.

ID policies aim to crack down on class cutting, students skeptical

Ellie Neuman, Staff Reporter January 24, 2023

When students returned to classes after winter break on Wednesday, Jan. 4, the administration sent a school-wide email announcing a new sticker policy for leaving campus. Students without a 5th, 6th or...

This winter, California has been plagued by heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, with drainage water flooding streets and forming small lakes outside houses.

California deluge wreaks havoc on local houses and businesses

Brinda Iyer and Athena Bostonmaer January 24, 2023

For Malik Zughayar, a typical New Year’s Eve consists of celebration with friends and family, reminiscing over the highlights of the past year. But on Dec. 31, 2022, Zughayar — the owner of Burlingame...

A rendering of the gym facilities renovation.

Athletic Director unveils plan for reconstruction of gym facilities; students weigh in

Will Kriner, Staff Reporter January 17, 2023

For almost two years, a plan has been in motion to renovate the athletic facilities at Burlingame. Although construction won’t begin until summer break starts, the expansion and reconstruction of the...

Workers repair a broken water main that was cutting off water to the school on Friday, Jan. 6.

Bomb cyclone and a broken water main: looking back on unprecedented school cancelations

Jake Rothstein, Head Photographer January 14, 2023

Call it a bomb cyclone. Call it an atmospheric river. Call it a thunderstorm. Either way, the strange weather that coursed through the Bay Area last week was unprecedented, resulting in school cancellations...

Meta and Twitter have both laid off thousands of employees. 

(Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Bay Area tech layoffs: the end of a boom

Jake Rothstein, Head Photographer January 7, 2023

For the last two decades, the tech industry has enjoyed steady growth, offering a reliable job market for many Bay Area employees. However, recent waves of layoffs in the technology sector have raised...

Bay University Director Jenna Smith holds her dog Ellie, as a new Bay University student pets her.

Bay University and their four-legged friends

Natalie Gyde, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Hang out in the F-Building for a while, and chances are you might hear faint barking. Turn around, and you’ll find three therapy dogs waddling into the Bay University (BU) classroom: Ellie, the Australian...

The Tree Lighting ceremony unites Burlingame as residents gather on the ave to enjoy the holiday festivities.

An action-packed tree lighting welcomes the holiday season

Sophia Doss, Staff Reporter December 7, 2022

On Friday, Dec. 2, Burlingame residents braved frigid winter weather to welcome the holiday season at the city’s annual Holiday Tree Lighting celebration. The event began promptly at 5 p.m. with a performance...

On Nov. 12, many Italian exchange program students visited Alcatraz with their host students and continued their exploration of San Francisco after.

Three years later, the Italian exchange program returns

Lizzy Wan, Diversity Coordinator November 30, 2022

Between Nov. 8 and 16, students in Burlingame’s Italian classes hosted Italian students from Carpi Italy for the first time in three years. Typically, the exchange program is offered every two years...

Students work together to prepare their assigned dish for the Bridge Program.

For the first time since COVID, the District Bridge Program collaborates with culinary arts class

Sophia Doss, Staff Reporter November 28, 2022

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, the district-wide English Learning Development (ELD) Bridge Program collaborated with Burlingame for the first time since 2018, cooking a meal with bilingual students. Shannon Couch,...

The majority of respondents to the poll reported they had heard slurs, offensive jokes and insults that degrade someone’s gender identity, sexuality, race, abilities, culture or ethnicity on campus.

Why is hate speech a part of Burlingame’s vocabulary?

Abby Knight, Staff Reporter November 18, 2022

On the morning of Nov. 17, staff found posters promoting anti-Semitism, white power, Adolf Hitler and the Aryan Freedom Network on campus. The news came less than a month after threatening, hateful graffiti...

Since the staff shortages of the pandemic, minimum-wage service industry employers have turned to teenagers to fill job vacancies. Students working in understaffed businesses have to juggle school work, personal lives and the atypical expectations of their jobs.

Students in understaffed businesses meet both unexpected pressures and benefits

Isabel Liu, Copy Editor November 17, 2022

Truedan, a popular bubble tea shop in downtown Burlingame, hired senior Jayden Entenmann at the beginning of August. But by Entenmann’s third week on the job, Truedan was relying on a team of just four...

The Iron Panthers competed in the MadTown Throwdown robotics competition in Madera, CA last weekend.

Iron Panthers miss the semifinals by a millimeter at the MadTown Throwdown

Brinda Iyer, Staff Reporter November 16, 2022

On Nov. 12 and 13, the Iron Panthers finished in the quarterfinals of this year’s MadTown Throwdown robotics competition, ending the off-season on a high note. Although the team only won three of...

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