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Some students attended the club for the first time and wrote letters for the current project that the club is working on.

Letters to Hope Pizza Party

Annie Sun, Senior Reporter October 25, 2019




Jacob Lubarsky, Copy Editor October 25, 2019


Finn Sheehy (middle) assembles parts.

Robotics: Behind the Scenes

Caroline Yeow, Senior Reporter October 25, 2019


The Climate Change Strike and what you can do to help

Aideen Delahunt, Staff Reporter October 21, 2019

On Friday, September 20th, millions of people around the globe gathered in the streets to protest the lack of action against climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest problems of this generation...

Matt Smith, the man who keeps BHS athletes healthy

Aidan O'Sullivan, Staff Reporter October 21, 2019

Matt Smith has been the athletic trainer for all Burlingame sports teams since 2005. Prior to working at Burlingame, Smith was a physical therapist at various clinics, as well as an athletic trainer at...

Senior Wills

Vishwanath Prathikanti, Editor in Cheif May 23, 2019

The Burlingame B We, Vishu Prathikanti and Lily Page, leave the Burlingame B to Tekla Carlen and Claire Hunt. It’s been a pleasure to watch you both grow as writers and leaders throughout your two...

Senior ditch day from the perspective of attendance staff

Hubert Chen, Senior Reporter May 23, 2019

The 2019 senior class cut day was somewhat successful. Because of the rally on May 3rd, and AP testing starting on May 6th, this year's’ class had two unofficial skip days. One on May 6th after Cinco...

Both AP and IB offer students the opportunity to earn college credit and to augment their applications.

AP vs. IB: Two higher-level programs put to the test

Alec Abrramson, Staff Reporter April 30, 2019

Advanced Placement (AP) may be the hallmark of countless high schools across the nation, but more than 4,000 institutions around the world (including here in the U.S.) offer a different higher-level program—International...

The Easton Branch Library's front sign, located on 1800 Easton Drive.

The Grand History of Small Library- The Easton Branch Library

Jacob Lubarsky, Copy Editor April 30, 2019

In 2019, one may consider libraries around the world to be useless, with information and entertainment accessible through the internet. The Easton Branch library, however, is as successful now as ever...

Student Loans FAQs

A quick and simple guide on student loans

Wesley Chen, Staff Reporter April 30, 2019

A student loan is a low-interest, long-term loan which is used to pay off education-related debts. With the rising cost of college, more and more students will need to take out a loan in order to pay for...

Núñez explains an exercise to sophomore Isaac Frankel during football’s weight training.

Don’t weight to go to the weight room

Amelia Harris, Editor-In-Chief April 30, 2019

Before Ernesto Núñez became Burlingame’s strength and conditioning coach in 2017, the weight room was used sporadically, mainly when teams were brought in with their coaches. Núñez, who also works...

The average American family spends $919 to send their child to prom.

Getting ‘dolled up’ for prom has a price tag

Hanna Sato, Head Photographer April 30, 2019

As prom season approaches, junior and senior girls embark on their quest for the perfect prom experience. Often, the venture entails spending hundreds of dollars on one night. In 2015, Visa held a...

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