Girls water polo

Varsity has a record of three wins out of seven overall games, while Junior Varsity has a season record of zero wins in 10 games. The water polo team has endured an entire season without a pool, meaning every practice and game has been away, but it continued to persevere and maintain its Panther pride throughout.

“It was fun in the beginning and through the middle of the season, but now that it's over, there's not many games that we can actually play, because we're not invited to tournaments anymore. And tournaments are the only things that you really improve at,” junior Isabel Downey said.

Tournaments can have three games in one day, and have proven to be a great way for the team to learn and improve. The team has been to two tournaments so far.

“The loss of the pool has led to a lot of tension and having our teammates being mad at us for not knowing stuff that we should because we don't really have the space or time to sit down and talk about all the rules and our game plan and what we should do if something happens,” Downey said.

The team was also shaken up by another change: the hiring of new coaches Dennis Clement and Ariel Dyer. The combination of new coaches and the loss of the pool has led to problems, but nothing unmanageable.

“Our coaches don't know much about the water polo overall district stuff and what's happening. So they don't know how to sign us up for tournaments,” said Downey. “They’re really late in getting the gear, like the t-shirts and the sweatpants. It's going to come in three weeks, but our season ends this week, which kind of sucks.”

With the confusion of always having practices and games at other schools, the team has dealt with losing time and motivation. When they have shown up to other schools to find a game going on or the pool being closed down, the team instead goes out for a spirit-building breakfast or lunch. They have bonded over the fire drills and miscommunications involved in always being the away team, and hope to use this sense of camaraderie next season.

 Junior Alyssa Archie plays defense at Carlmont game.

Junior Alyssa Archie plays defense at Carlmont game.

Posted on October 31, 2018 .