Flex Time in schools could be beneficial

Ethan Gardner, Staff Reporter

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More schools in the SMUHSD district, including Aragon High School and Mills High School, have implemented a “flex time” in the middle of the day. This gives students a free period, in which they can do homework with friends, see teachers for help, or rest in the middle of a stressful day. Burlingame High School should consider implementing a similar idea, as it would help break up stressful schedules and provide students with a flexible time to accomplish what they need. This would be similar to office hours, but would give students a more structured period.

Many students complain about the daily stresses of school, and I believe a flex time can help resolve much of this stress, and allow students to have more free time at home. It will allow students the flexibility to get done what they need: reducing a heavy night of homework, studying for a big test they wouldn’t otherwise study for, etc. The school day often seems long and packed, and the addition of flex time can help break this up by adding another longer break into the schedule.

The flexibility gives high school students the freedom to choose how they want to spend their time. “I would talk to my teachers and collaborate with other students on homework, or study for upcoming tests,” junior Anya Smith said. Smith believes flex time would be a beneficial addition to our school schedule.

Additionally, BHS can implement other amenities during flex time, including short 30-minute classes that students can choose to take. If students don’t want to talk to teachers, do homework, or study, they should be able to take a short class that is directed at teens and is interesting and stimulating. A series of STEM classes, for example, could be open for students in order to educate them in a more unconventional way. At Aragon High School, for example, they used to have a Biotechnology class during their flex time. This drew a lot of popularity, and could be an exciting, optional activity to add.

Some may argue that having a period during the day with too much freedom would result in a lack of work, but people often have busy after-school schedules and it can be difficult to get homework done. An enforced period during school will encourage students to work harder and get their work done, rather than use the time poorly. Students will be more inclined to do what they need to do, because it benefits them.

“There is about a 20% attendance at office hours,” Principal Belzer said during a student council meeting. However, a flex time could increase the amount of kids that meet with their teachers and get necessary help. People can be busy after school and lack the time to go to office hours, but with a flex time students will be more capable of seeking out help.

Implementing a flex time will increase student efficiency, and provide students with the flexibility they desire. Burlingame could benefit greatly from the addition of flex time into the bell schedule.