I watched Sean Hannity so you didn’t have to


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FOX’s Sean Hannity speaks his truth five days a week.

Alec Abramson, Staff Reporter

Sean Hannity is unabashedly conservative. What’s more, his show (and Fox News as a whole) appears to be a hub for beginner-to-intermediate level Photoshop connoisseurs who spend their days churning out opaque photos marked by flashy taglines. At least, that’s the first thing I noticed. On March 5, the day I happened to tune in to Hannity’s so-called “Opening Monologue”, the captions included “Dem’s War on the American Dream” and “Modern Day McCarthyism.” Vague? Sure. Nice declarations to accompany the shouts and hollers of the man beside them? You bet.


Hannity’s so-called “Opening Monologue” was, quite frankly, utterly disjointed and disorganized. It was effectively a list of ‘the most embarrassing’ moments for Democrats that week (or at least what Hannity perceived them to be) devoid of even the slightest attempt at a smooth transition, that, when it was all over, left me confused and sad. It was supposed to make me fear the Red Menace. It didn’t.


The topics were, of course, predictable. There was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal, which Hannity called “insane.” Cows wouldn’t be allowed to fart, he claimed (due to Ocasio Cortez’s proposal that the US become carbon neutral by 2030).


Then it was Representative Omar’s “Anti-Semitic” tweets and statements. While many of her comments are objectively disturbing and discriminatory, the way Hannity framed the discussion suggested that respect and acceptance of the Jewish population is dependent on one’s total deference to Israel. As a Jewish person myself, this makes little sense. Israel’s poor decisions are Israel’s poor decisions. Acknowledging the nation’s mistakes is not a sign of prejudice against the religion itself (interestingly enough, not all Jews live in Israel and Israel is not all Jews).


After a slight detour into the 2020 (“Socialist”) Democratic field, Hannity set his sights on his final axe to grind: impeachment. He showed us a video of Representative Jerry Nadler (chair of the House Judiciary Committee) stating there was reason to believe the President obstructed justice. The Dems are obsessed with removing the President, Hannity claimed.


Whenever Hannity has a video to accompany some part of his monologue, the camera stays on him just long enough so we can see him peer into a monitor to just below his line of sight. Ostensibly, he’s watching the clip too, which is supposed to make us feel like he’s watching it ‘with us.’ It’s a heartwarming touch.


Before closing his monologue and moving on to the remainder of his show, Hannity leaves us with three important pillars of today’s Democratic Party: “Socialism, Anti-Semitism, Impeachment.” For him, the show’s just getting started. For me, it just ended. I turn it off — more of a Democrat than ever before.