Boys Volleyball 4-Win Streak

David Mehran, Staff Reporter

After struggling early in the season, the new boys volleyball team has found their groove, going on a four-game winning streak as the 2019 season comes to a close. The Panthers got their first victory against BASIS Independent (3-1) and went on to beat Sequoia (3-1), which also has a first year team. The following week, the team beat both San Mateo (3-0) and Silver Creek (3-2). After a series of early season losses, many wonder how an uncoordinated team managed to secure four victories in a row.

“We’ve done a lot better in previous games partially due to our increased coordination and partially due to our use of tizmic chants to get each other hyped,” junior Connor Kall said.

These improvised chants get the team motivated between plays and create a bond between the players. The chants consist of random sounds intermixed with a memorized chorus of “Xelelelele,” according to Kall.

At most practices, the team spends at least half an hour warming up with the “butterfly drill,” during which they rotate positions around the court and get a chance to practice serving, spiking and bumping. As a result of this drill, the handful of inexperienced players have learned to play all game positions more effectively.

“The team showed us that their pass-set-hit game keeps improving. Their coverage of the court is undeniably more instinctive. I’m proud of the boys!” Coach Chris Chu said.

The team’s tactical skills improved and the morale peaked after the series of wins, and the team is eagerly anticipating the 2020 season, during which they will compete in the Peninsula Athletic League tournament.