Senior Wills

Vishwanath Prathikanti, Editor in Cheif

The Burlingame B

We, Vishu Prathikanti and Lily Page, leave the Burlingame B to Tekla Carlen and Claire Hunt. It’s been a pleasure to watch you both grow as writers and leaders throughout your two years on the staff. May your ledes be snappy, your PDF days short and your nachos cheese-y.


Swim Team Captain

I, Olivia Carvallo, leave the BHS Swim Team to Stephanie Pham, Michelle Tam, Alec Sasano and David Mehran. I love you all like siblings! Don’t forget secret fish. Just keep swimming!


ASB Cabinet

We, Lily Navab and Evan Mahaffey, leave the ASB Presidency to Lucas Gilmour. Make sure food is brought every block day or else everything goes downhill.


Captain of Varsity WP Team

We, the seniors, leave the Boys water polo team in the hands of Tate Hartley and Louis Tang. Good luck without a pool for another year of water polo. S/o to the administration for bottling this season for us.


Drama Club

I, Max Sigler, leave the title of Drama Club president to Sebastien Maychrowitz. Keep doing fun activities in Drama Club every week and bringing people into the drama community.



I, Justin Lo, leave the number 26 for the Burlingame High School varsity football team to Jackson Giovara. Wear it proud!


Varsity Girls Lacrosse

We, Izzy Bechwati and Margaret Barber, will the varsity lacrosse team to Diana Milne, Ann Fitzgerald and Kelsey Nichols. Good luck next year and go Panthers!


Burlingame Tennis Team

We, Sofia Zaragoza and Samantha Goldstein, leave the Burlingame tennis team to Anya Smith, Allie McHugh, Rebekah Coleman and Natalie Malik. Don’t forget to always motivate for practice and fight for your fair points! Good luck girls 🙂


BHS Marching Band

We, Madison Kong and Katrina Lee, leave the BHS Marching Band in the capable hands of Sydney Kong and Ben Sherstinsky. We trust that you’ll continue to make band feel like a family!