Girls soccer plans to continue on their winning streak


Sophomore Ella Bradley prepares to shoot during the soccer tryouts.

Hanna Sato, Head Photographer

The girls soccer team enjoyed a successful run last season, placing in second for their league and making it to CCS for the first time in several years. The team performed strongly throughout their season, but were defeated within the first game of CCS against Mountain View High School. 

“Last season we were able to make it to CCS for the first time in a while, and even though we got absolutely destroyed by the first place team, this was a huge accomplishment for us and showed us that we are capable of being a great team when we work together and are all on the same team” senior and varsity player Lilly Potter said.

The team lost several key players due to graduation and injuries, so the team will have to readjust to the new roster and dynamic. 

“I’m hoping that this new class brings some strong players, and based on what I’ve seen at tryouts, I think we will have a great team,” Potter said. “We are gaining a lot of girls from JV who are strong and smart players, so this year’s team seems pretty promising.”

Potter describes the upcoming season as unpredictable and is adamant that the change in team dynamic will determine their success or failure. However, the team remains optimistic for their chances of making it to CCS this season and continuing their newfound success.