“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is nostalgic but not fresh

Aidan O, Senior Reporter

Although the last installment of the current “Star Wars” trilogy had its ups and downs, J.J. Abrams created a safe but solid ending to the film series. The lack of adventure was evident throughout the film, but the emotional and nostalgic moments throughout the film make up for the subpar thrills. The ending seemed very inconsequential, as the main plot continues on a similar path as a past movies in the franchise with a repeat main villain from past films. Also, some aspects of the plot were somewhat awkward, as Abrams attempted to tie up as many past loose ends as possible while also trying to create a new and interesting plot that inevitably leads to more loose ends. 

The final product is a solid film lacking anything to really pull the viewer in other than the well-known, nostalgic characters and plot developments of the “Star Wars” franchise. Abrams takes an unexpectedly safe route with the film, and although it is solid, it doesn’t capture the viewers as well as some of the past franchise films have. Much of the success from this film is based off the fact that it is the last installment of this “Star Wars” trilogy and less about the quality of the film, as it has received a low rating of 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, tied for the lowest rating in franchise history, but topped the box offices in earnings. Although this wasn’t the most exciting, riveting blockbuster hit many were hoping for, it is a solid wrap-up to one of the most historic and significant film franchises.