First loss against South San Francisco builds Burlingame determination


Allison Szetu

Andrew Morales and Reece Testa chase down the opponent to steal the ball.

Allison Szetu, Design Editor

With only one loss in the season and the recovery of the injured players such as center back Javier Contreras Orantes, the team is coming back stronger after the break. After taking a week of over winter break and practicing during the second week, the team returned, confident  that they would continue the season without any losses, especially with the return of Orantes, who recovered from a popped meniscus. He was out for the beginning of the season, leaving a weakened Panthers defense. However, his return has made the back line stronger. 


Despite hoping to maintain their streak, Burlingame lost against South San Francisco by a three-goal margin. This was a tough break for the team, especially after their preparation over winter break, they thought that their hard work would end in a win against South San Francisco. This loss did not phase the team, however, as they are confident that they will continue the season with only one loss. 


“Over winter break we really put in work because we were so hyped to start playing again,” said junior Ronny Kletter, “but we’re bouncing back stronger than ever now.” 


Even with this minor setback, the team is still performing better than last year at this time. This record gives them the confidence that they will place high in league and eventually play in CCS. 


“Our goal is always to be the best and win as many games as possible” said Kletter. 


Despite their losses, they are determined to work hard and improve to compete in CCS. Though they lost CCS last year, varsity coach Anthony Dimech is hopeful about that the team will qualify this year. 


“We are working on what we need to work on and trying to get better everyday,” said Dimech. “we’re not happy that we lost CCS and we’re trying to get back there for certain.”