False coronavirus rumor spreads in SMUHSD district

Ben Neuman, Webmaster

Over the weekend, an unknown individual perpetrated a rumor that schools in the San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) would be canceled due to concerns about infection of certain Burlingame and Capuchino staff members. Amid the global hysteria and a couple of Bay Area cancellations of schools, it seems that this rumor has spread and falsely led students in the district to believe that they would actually be receiving time off.

On Sunday night, Superintendent Kevin Skelly sent out a confirmation email to families and staff confirming that school would not in fact be canceled for the upcoming week.

This morning, Principal Paul Belzer reinforced that school would continue on as normal. He reminded students that as concerns build, it is important that everyone continues washing their hands carefully and avoiding touching their faces. Additionally, it is crucial that anyone experiencing any symptoms stays away from public places and contacts their doctor.