Quarantine is PAWsome for Pets


Jackson Giovara and Gianna Martino

Pets are enjoying their time in quarantine with their family.

Lexi Goldstein, Editor-In-Chief

On March 31, the Health Officer of San Mateo County issued a new Shelter-In-Place order which is now set to end on May 31, 2020; adding two additional months to governor Gavin Newsom’s original mandate. Despite the numerous unfavorable effects of COVID-19, the extra attention family pets are receiving is one positive outcome of quarantine. Over the past month, family pets have been spoiled with attention from their owners who are spending significant portions, if not all of their day, at home. 

“I have two cats and three dogs. I hang out with them more because I have more free time,” junior Jackson Giovara said.

School, work, and extracurriculars often keep people from giving their pets the attention they want, but now, without those responsibilities, people can give their pets more attention. 

“I spent a small amount of time with my dog prior to the shelter in place order because I was busier with school and sports, now I give him more attention because I’m with him all day long,” sophomore Molly Wachhorst said. 

This general increase in daily attention has put many pets in a better mood. 

“I noticed a big difference in my dog’s behavior. He seems a lot more happy and energized now that I can give him walks and play with him more often,” sophomore Gianna Martino said.

With more time at home, pets are enjoying their time with their loved ones around. Nicer weather is abundant as spring blossoms into summer and families spend more time enjoying the great outdoors with their pets. There are plentiful days ahead full of fetch, sunbathing and long walks. Pet owners themselves are spoiled by the love and loyalty of their pets, and the reciprocation is heartwarming. Although pets may not know about COVID-19, they are humans’ best friend during these stressful times.