iOS 14: New features and how to download it


Elizabeth Wan

Example of a home screen designed by sophomore Elizabeth Wan.

Jaden Luke, Staff Reporter

Apple’s newest update, iOS 14, has brought new and exciting features to every iPhone, beginning with the iPhone SE and any later models, including the iPod touch (7th generation).


To install iOS 14:

To add widgets: 


One of the most popular apps to download widgets other than those by Apple is Widgetsmith. This allows you to customize background colors and fonts,  and choose anything from photos to moon phases to be displayed. Other apps you can download are Color Widget — similar to Widgetsmith — TuneTrack which tracks your Spotify and Apple Music statistics and displays the song playing on your Home Screen and Photo Widget, which allows you to customize what photos you want to display. Many people are also using an app called Shortcuts to change app icons and names to match a common theme found throughout their phone.


Apple has added features in addition to the ability to personalize your Home Screen.