Stress Less Week gives students a break from school work


Tobias Matthews

Upcoming finals in an unusual year have many students feeling increased levels of stress.

Tobias Matthews, Staff Reporter

In a year of unprecedented change, there appears to be one constant: finals stress. As students are preparing for their final exams in various ways, Burlingame Leadership hopes to lighten the mood with a variety of activities to help students relax, stay motivated and relieve stress. They’re putting on a series of events this week and next that include a guided meditation, a virtual visit from therapy dogs in an attempt to  create a safe space for students to relax.


“A lot of students are unaware of what five minutes of meditation could do,” Leadership Advisor Nicole Carter said.

If students are looking for a break from the stress of finals, the daily bulletin has an updated list of the events for Stress Less Week. Leadership wants to emphasize the importance of students’ mental health during the   stressful time around finals. Another good way for students to talk to someone about their stress is through the wellness counselors.


“We’ve seen a huge decrease in the amount of students who are reaching out to us,” wellness counselor Christina Cabrera said.


Despite significant evidence suggesting people are having a harder time managing their mental health during a pandemic due to isolation, the wellness counselors have seen a significant dip in students hoping to get help during this semester. The school wellness counselors have drop-in hours that students can learn more about on the daily bulletin.


“Students found us very accessible during in-person schooling,” Cabrera said.


This school year presents an additional series of academic and personal challenges for students, which makes it all the more important  to reach out to the resources the school provides. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates of 17% of teens will experience a major depressive episode every year, and students should attempt to stay healthy even when their stress isn’t as intense as it is during finals season.

With the chaos of the semester coming to a climax, leadership hopes that this event will give students a temporary break from the storm and some peace of mind.


“Our focus is to give you all some options if you need to tap out for a little bit,” Carter said.