Celebrities set a negative precedent by traveling


Allison Szetu

Teen watches as influencers continue to post TikToks of their travels in the midst of a pandemic.

Lizzy Wan, Diversity Coordinator

It has almost been a year since the pandemic began last March; since then people have started to become more careless when it comes to following the COVID-19 guidelines. Specifically, groups of celebrities and influencers have been displaying their disregard for the pandemic and its restrictions through various social media platforms. 


Many Los Angeles-based TikTok and Instagram influencers have posted photos to their social media of them going to parties and vacationing while California was under a stay-at-home order. TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall held a massive 21st birthday party over the summer and more influencers went on a trip to the Bahamas this past winter break. 


Sophomore Erika Jiang thinks that it is harmful for influencers to be traveling, as they may be spreading the wrong message. 

 “They show people that it’s okay to go out and party, they show how they have no care and they disrespect frontline workers and people that are trying to stop the spread of the virus,” Jiang said.


Jiang recognizes the difficulty for many to stay home with little to no socialization during the pandemic, yet she believes people can still hold COVID-19 safe hangouts. 

“I want to emphasize that I’m not against hanging out with a small group of people. But when that goes to enormous parties that’s when it crosses the line and that’s when it becomes dangerous, especially when they don’t wear masks,” Jiang said. 


With the ICU at 93% of its full capacity in Los Angeles County, celebrities living there are not only putting their lives at risk but everyone around them, ultimately making the pandemic last longer than necessary. 


Sophomore Ana Lunaparra feels that those in the public eye need to be more careful as they are influential on younger generations.

“I think they have a larger responsibility because of their platform since they have so many people watching them break COVID guidelines, and could spread the message that it’s okay to break these guidelines,” Lunaparra said. 


It is not only young celebrities who are breaking COVID-19 guidelines and setting a poor example for teenagers. Government representatives have also been seen not following the same COVID-19 guidelines that they set in place. 

“[Gov.] Gavin Newsom, or [Speaker of the House, Nancy] Pelosi, they’re all over the news and people want to get them out of office because they push all these laws and then they end up not following,” sophomore Ethan Wan said. “I think they are just being hypocrites.” 


Minihi Kim is a nurse who has been in close contact with COVID-19-infected patients and working the frontlines to help stop the spread of the virus.

“No matter what [people] have to follow the rules right now because it’s really, really dangerous,” Kim said. 


With cases continuing to rise it is becoming even more important to remember the importance of social distancing and staying at home. Nonetheless, celebrities and influencers alike still don’t feel the need to follow the restrictions. 


“If they don’t see it, you know, in front of their eyes, they don’t believe it,” Kim said.

Still, it is incredibly important that people continue to take precautions when leaving their homes to stop the spread, even if it is difficult to directly see the impact of this virus. 

“As a frontline worker it’s really, really frustrating if the people don’t follow the rules,” Kim said.


In a video with Pap Galore on YouTube, TikTok celebrity  Noah Beck made a statement defending his reason for traveling.

 “Especially, in like the business that we’re in, you need some time kinda like disconnect for a little bit,” Beck said.

As influencers continue to disregard COVID guidelines and post their travels, often facing backlash; it is now more important than ever to remember to do your part and stop the spread so we can all keep each other safe.