A modern compromise: school and COVID-19


Allison Szetu

Across the globe teens with COVID-19 have had to balance their illness with schoolwork.

Lexi Goldstein, Editor-In-Chief

As COVID-19 cases rise in San Mateo County, infected students have to manage balancing coursework and attending Zoom classes with self-care. Burlingame junior Nick Reed was diagnosed with COVID-19 in mid-December, presumably after eating at an outdoor restaurant in Southern California. Reed experienced generally mild symptoms of the disease that has claimed the lives of over two million people worldwide, but he had an unusual obstacle while sick: finals.  

“Right after I got tested, I felt really sick for two days, so during those two days I contacted my counselor, just because I knew I had finals the next week, so I let him know I had Covid, and I asked what my options were for finals in case it got worse,” Reed said.

Reed’s counselor, Luis Mashek, worked with his teachers to come up with options for him to take his finals, being mindful of his condition and offering to allow him to take his finals after winter break. 

“[My teachers] were really flexible and easy to work with,” Reed said.

Given the mild nature of Reed’s symptoms, by the time the weekend of Dec. 12 — the Sunday before finals began — drew to a close, he was well enough to take his finals on time with his classmates.

Although Reed has recovered from COVID-19, he has yet to gain back his full sense of smell and has been instructed by his doctor to abstain from rigorous physical activity in the early stages of his recovery to avoid a strained heart. Reed recognizes his luck in enduring only a short period of COVID-19-related symptoms, and the unique nature of each COVID-19 case. 

“Everyone can have a super different experience with Covid and that doesn’t mean it’s not serious,” Reed said. “I was fine, my sister was fine, but my mom was definitely pretty sick for a few days, which was kind of scary. She got over it, and we were super lucky, but you always have to stay careful and remain vigilant even though it’s been a long time in lockdown.”