Virtual concerts allow fans and artists to remain connected


Clara Porto

Moment House offers tickets for a variety of virtual concerts with many different artists.

Clara Porto, Staff Reporter

Plays, concerts and any other kinds of live performances that require a big crowd has been cancelled since the beginning of the pandemic. Big or small, artists have been negatively affected by the lack of these events, and fans are disappointed that they are not able to see their favorite artists perform anymore. Therefore, artists are coming up with new, creative methods to stay connected with their fans, whether it’s through their own social media or online concerts. 


It’s a difficult time for the music industry, but virtual concerts have been financially and creatively supporting musicians. Most artists require a ticket fee in order to attend the concert virtually; however, the prices are much more affordable than a live concert ticket. After buying a ticket in advance, fans simply have to go to their email where they can get a link to access the broadcast on the day of the concert.The best way to find the tickets and upcoming shows is to visit the artist’s social media as they usually have links with more information about it. 


Some of the platforms used to broadcast the concerts are Moment House, Vivid Seats and Bands in Town. Ruel Van Dijik, an Australian singer, held a virtual concert in November of 2020. Streamed through Moment House, the concert ticket was $10 and lasted for about two hours. It is similar to watching a YouTube video except that it is live. Though it is not the same as attending a show in person, it was a worthwhile and uplifting experience. Through most of the websites where the shows are broadcasted, such as the ones mentioned earlier, fans are also able to connect with each other through the online chat during the performance. This is a great way to enhance the overall experience of the concert as you are able to communicate with others. 


While the majority of online concerts are meant for profit, some artists are having free concerts, which are being held to support a certain cause. The One World: Together at Home campaign was a broadcast by the Global Citizen Foundation featuring well known artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Shawn Mendes. The funds earned from the concert were used to support frontline healthcare workers as well as the World Health Organization. Most of the musicians performed live from their own homes. 


Although the sensation of being among the cheerful crowd with the loud music cannot be totally recreated by watching a concert through a computer screen, it is a substitution that allows musicians to keep entertaining their fans while being mindful of the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Not only is this a good way to support these artists, but also to unify through music.