SIA multiplies good in the community


Photo courtesy of Shareen Ahmad

The Students in Action club strives to help the community, and recognizes SIA members for their service.

Michelle Moshkovoy, Sports Editor

 In a more conventional year, the Students in Action (SIA) club might have held a clothing drive. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, where donating used clothes and being in close proximity with others has to be done with extreme caution, SIA, like most other clubs, has had to operate virtually. 

Nonetheless, their mission remains the same as previous years. The club is led by co-presidents, juniors Sanjana Rayala and Shareen Ahmad. 

“Our two main focuses this year and in the past as well, are to create a platform where kids can easily access volunteer opportunities and help the community in ways that they want to, and also to recognize people in the community for their service and their time,” Ahmad said. 

  The remote environment has limited the types of projects SIA can do, but the club remains connected, multiplying good and making a positive impact on the community.  

“So, as of now we’ve been reaching out to a lot of our club members and asking them to look for fun project ideas, because we want them to be involved in these projects as well,” Rayala said. 

Sanjana Rayala (left) and Shareen Ahmad (right) holding the box of letters for their “Love Letters for Literacy” campaign.

Among these projects, is a “Love Letters for Literacy” project they organized last semester, with the focus being on preschool and kindergarten-aged children whose families couldn’t afford learning supplies.

“Basically, each person could just make a deck of 26 flashcards of the alphabet. And so it gave room for people to be creative, but they could also put in however much effort [and artistic ability],” Ahmad said.

They strive to help not only those in the Burlingame High School community, but people that come from different walks of life. From focusing on the betterment of young kids to students at BHS, their goal is to unite people of all age groups.  

SIA is a national organization with teams scattered throughout the United States. Being part of a larger sector in the current online format offers a unique experience for its members.

“We get to interact with people all over the country…It’s just this great opportunity to have a direct impact while also interacting with so many people everywhere,” Ahmad said.  

While it may be harder to launch initiatives and raise resources during this time, Rayala has a forward-looking mindset.

“I definitely hope to just grow during this and try and help as much as possible. But it’s difficult during Covid, so we’re just trying our best right now,” Rayala said.