Many styles were on display at this year’s Fashion Week

Lizzy Wan, Diversity Coordinator


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  • Layering a sweater vest over a patterned shirt paired with acid wash jeans is a fun way to combine all the upcoming ‘80s trends.

  • A long oversized coat becomes a necessity as the weather cools.

  • Pearls and a flowy dress is an easy way to incorporate styles from the 1800s.

  • You don’t have to wear all this cowboy gear at once, but here are some subtle pieces that reflect the Western-style that is becoming popular.

Fashion Week is the fashion industry’s largest event where designers and brands alike present their new collections on the runway. This event takes place twice a year (generally in September and February) in the four fashion capitals of the world — New York, Paris, Milan, and London. At each fashion show, models walk down runways showcasing next season’s attire. 

Although the next fall/winter may seem like ages away, this past Fashion Week, held in February, gave us much insight into the trends for the upcoming season. 


The ‘80s

As the ‘90s played a major role in 2000s fashion, in 2021 we will go further back in time to the 1980s. Yes, the puffy hair, sweater vests and neon colors will all be making their comeback — maybe you can find these pieces in your parent’s wardrobe. Bright colors will become a necessity to enhance your outfit, and if you want to be even bolder, make sure to add a loud print. The dusty sweater vest in the back of your grandpa’s closet will also become a staple to your wardrobe. For jean lovers, ‘80s indigo and acid wash jeans will become your best friends. 


As the weather cools down going into fall and winter, coats will become essential for staying warm. Coats do not have to ruin an outfit, in fact, lots of layering was seen on the runway. A variety of big coats were especially common, including popular colors and patterns such as brown, leopard print, puffy and quilted.

The 1800s

You might’ve thought the ’80s was a long time but now we are going back to your history textbooks, the 19th century. With the Netflix show “Bridgerton” growing increasingly popular, outfits that emulate the show are also becoming more common, following the early 19th-century style seen in the show.  While we may not all be wearing hoop skirts and white wigs, more toned-down outfits have already started to become popular. . For example, wearing corsets with your outfit will become more popular. Also, pearls will elevate your outfit for the “Bridgerton” effect. Flowy dresses that have lace or silk and a puffy sleeve can look like a dress straight out of 19th century Europe, you’ll be sure to look like royalty.


A very specific clothing trend that will start to pick up is cutouts. That doesn’t mean to aimlessly start cutting holes in all your clothes, they are part of the design of clothing items. Clothing items with cutouts were very common on this year’s runway and will soon be added to the market for everyone to buy. Cutouts can be on any part of the clothing, from the stomach to the chest. Similar to the shoulder cutouts that were popular on shirts a few years back, however these cutouts move beyond the shoulders.

While some people are excited to wear this new trend, others have differing opinions. 

“I don’t personally like this trend because the cutouts seem like it would make me cold,” sophomore Ana Lunaparra stated. 


The Western-style of clothing will also start to become more popular, but don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up like a cowboy for this. More subtle nods to the Western-style like adding fringes will start to be seen on more pieces. Bandanas and paisley patterns are another great subtle hint to this style. Also, cowboy boots have been more common in stores and are a great way to add flair to an outfit. They can be worn with an already Western-styled outfit or even worn as a statement to an otherwise simple outfit. Speaking of flair, flare pants would be a great addition to your collection as this style really starts to pick up.


While fashion is subjective and your style is a personal decision, these are some of the major trends that will approach this fall and winter. Adding your own twist to already popular trends will also add a lot of personality to your outfits. For example, mixing the different styles or finding personal pieces that you really enjoy along with the already popular trends can make any outfit unique. There are no rules to fashion, but if you are completely lost, these trends can provide inspiration and ideas to keep in the back of your mind.