Delicious and creative food trends take over TikTok


Anna Porto

Nature’s Cereal is a recent healthy food trend going viral among TikTok users.

Clara Porto, Staff Reporter

TikTok is responsible for numerous trends, from fashion to dances, that are popular among teens nowadays. Food trends in particular have become very common. Users of the app share their favorite recipes, many of which have gone viral and have users around the world testing them out. Here are a few dishes that have caught national attention by TikTok users and curious cooks alike. 

Feta pasta

As one of the most recent famous trends introduced on TikTok, feta pasta took over the app as users tried recreating this delicious take on pasta. It consists of simple boiled pasta topped with baked cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Many pasta recipes have gone viral before, but none were as popular as this one. I was extremely excited to try this recipe because of all the hype I heard from the other users in the app, however it failed to meet my expectations. While I don’t love the taste of cooked tomatoes, I had high hopes that the sauce would compensate for this flavor. Unfortunately, the sauce was mediocre, as the creamy texture of the feta was concealed and the dominant sweet flavor of the tomato was all I could taste. Even though I probably won’t be making it again, the dish was quick and easy to cook, so to those who enjoy tomatoes, it is definitely worth trying it out. 

Nature’s Cereal

This is one of the most recent TikTok recipes which gained popularity after singer Lizzo posted on her account trying out this easy recipe. As the name suggests, this is a healthy take on the typical breakfast cereal by including different kinds of fruits, topping it off with coconut water, as a replacement for the milk. The variety of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates and more combined with the coconut water is simply one you can’t go wrong with. But at the end of the day, it is simply water mixed with berries and I think it would be even better if it were mixed into a smoothie. 

Mini pancake cereal

Another very popular food trend started by TikTok was the mini pancake cereal. The recipe consists of nothing more than a bunch of mini pancakes put into a bowl and served with syrup, butter, berries and whatever else you want to add. As far as food trends go, this one seems most useless to me. Not only was the taste identical to normal-sized pancakes, it was also very time consuming to make the individual tiny pancakes when I could’ve just made two regular sized ones in a matter of minutes. I have to say, though, this breakfast creation does look far cuter with the tiny pancakes.

Whipped coffee

Among the many trends started at the beginning of quarantine, whipped coffee was one of the most popular. Although the recipe simply consists of instant coffee, water and sugar whisked together to form a foam-like consistency, users were amazed by the new recipe and tried it out for themselves. I enjoy coffee, as long as it is not too strong, and loved this new way of making it. Although it doesn’t change much of the traditional coffee flavor, it does give it a frothy thickness and makes this common morning beverage look much more pleasing.