ASB optimistic about the upcoming school year, hopes to further unite Burlingame


Farah Caban

Juniors Vinia Ng, Mariel Arreola, Elisenne Yun and Jacob Viduya are excited to work together to start the in-person year off strong.

Farah Caban, Business Manager

The students recently elected to the Associated Student Body (ASB) cabinet have one main goal in mind: unite the Burlingame community. 

Current junior and president-elect Elisenne Yun emphasized wanting to provide a smooth transition from this distanced year back to normal. 

“I know there’s going to be a huge cultural difference when we go back to school next year, especially since students haven’t really been socializing as much,” Yun said.

During distance learning, the leadership class and ASB — who work together on planning and organizing activities — have been hosting online activities like Kahoots, virtual picnics, video game competitions and opportunities to submit recipes for cookbooks. Yun hopes that the creativity and flexibility of creating distance-friendly activities carry over to next year. Vice president-elect Jacob Viduya has similar goals.

“I just feel like these activities have been really creative, and we need to push for that especially with another set of freshmen coming in and these [are] freshmen who haven’t even been on campus,” Viduya said.

Although the class of 2025 will be the only true freshmen next year, only half of the class of current freshmen have taken an in-person class at Burlingame and are unfamiliar with the campus and life at Burlingame. Not all of this year’s transfer students have been on campus either, so the coming year is an opportunity for a fresh start for the culture and spirit at Burlingame. 

Although in past years it has been hard to unify Burlingame students, the cabinet hopes that a loss of social interaction this year will make all students willing to participate in all activities. 

Rising senior and treasurer-elect Vinia Ng wants to spend the ASB budget on events that all of Burlingame’s population can enjoy. 

“We are planning on spending [our money] on more Breaking Down the Walls-type events. More high participation events like the Panther Pal carnival,” Ng said. 

The whole cabinet will work with the leadership and service commission classes in order to create a united and spirited community for next school year.