Student-favorite Oak Grove Market moves to San Mateo


Isaac Bostonmaer

Oak Grove Market’s previous store location at 1000 Oak Grove Ave., just a few steps away from Burlingame High School’s campus.

Isaac Bostonmaer, Sports Editor

On Nov. 4, Oak Grove Market officially reopened its doors at a new location — 305 Villa Terrace in San Mateo.

The store was previously situated at the corner of Oak Grove Avenue and Linden Avenue, right across the street from Burlingame’s Peter Umland Stadium. Owned by Steve Rich, the grocery store housed many snacks, beverages, produce and a delicious deli. The market also became well-known among the local Irish community, as the store contained many internationally imported items that other shops did not offer.  

Over the years, Oak Grove Market served as the go-to after-school store for countless Burlingame students, with candies and snacks being their most purchased items. 

“Since I was a freshman, I would go to Oak Grove with my friends a few times a week, especially after sports practices,” senior Nick Trevor said. “They had everything you would want from candies to sandwiches. It was an all-around good store.”

Students who were frequent shoppers at the market were heartbroken upon hearing news of the grocery store’s move.

“When I heard about [Oak Grove Market] closing and moving, I was super sad,” Trevor said. “It was my go-to spot for the last four years.”

A new location was not the only change the store experienced. Oak Grove Market now focuses primarily on stocking their aisles with the imported goods popular among the Irish community and items that have a longer shelf life, meaning they will no longer sell produce and other perishables. Rich also decided not to install a deli and reduce the store’s days of operation from seven days a week to only being open Tuesday through Saturday. 

When reflecting on the market’s old location, Rich noted having enjoyed the strong connection to Burlingame’s community, specifically with the students across the street. 

“People asked all the time, ‘Are the kids hard to deal with?’… In general, the kids were a pleasure,” Rich said. “They were respectful, polite and patient, which I think is not true everywhere, but was true in Burlingame.”