Burlingame’s Yogurtland location closes its doors


Courtesy of Worldorgs.com

Yogurtland was a dessert staple for many Burlingame students, as it resided below a popular gathering spot on the building’s roof.

Mattingly Germack, Copy Editor

On Dec. 6, 2021, Burlingame’s Yogurtland location shut down after nine years in business. This follows five other California locations closing earlier last year, as the chain continues to endure the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yogurtland, a frozen yogurt chain with over 300 locations worldwide, opened its Burlingame branch in 2012. The store was in a mixed-use building along Primrose Road in between Burlingame Avenue and Howard Avenue, two of Burlingame’s most crowded streets. Much of Yogurtland’s popularity, especially among children and teenagers, was due to its location; the building’s roof is a public terrace that many have used as a gathering spot.

“In elementary school, I’d go there with friends after school and on weekends and spend time with them there, and grab yogurt,” senior Johnny Willey said.

For much of 2020 and 2021, the terrace was closed off to the public. It has, however, recently opened back up to the public, meaning despite the lack of readily available frozen yogurt, people can congregate there once again.

“It’s nice the terrace is open, so you can still go up there,” sophomore Emma Gubbels said.


Regardless, many Burlingame students were disappointed by Yogurtland’s closure, as the shop held a significance in their childhoods.

“It was always really fun after school, or after winning a championship or after a sports game,” Gubbels said. “It was really nice because you could go up to the terrace and celebrate with your team or have fun with your friends.”