Response to “Rejection wall would put college admissions stress in perspective”


I cannot be happier with the article “Rejection wall put college admissions in perspective.” After all, the college application system is rigged for everyone. Because, if you cannot play a sport, if you are not a legacy or if your parents did not donate a building, your fate is left up to the stars in an unsympathetic game of chance. Before the lucky ones proudly don their acceptance college sweaters, I hope that they remind themselves of those who cannot afford to attend college, those who must instead work for their families, and those who simply lost the game of chance that is college admissions. So let us normalize rejection as this is not a meritocracy. Instead of allowing the toxic culture of flaunting acceptance to prosper, let us unite as we navigate this pool of uncertainty and frustration through our shared experience of unlucky rejection. The best do not go to “the best”, and not all those who go to “the best” are the best. If you have empathy, decency, and drive, I assure you that you will be just fine wherever you go. It does not make you, it does not break you.