The caped crusader punches his way back on screen


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Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) look down at Gotham City as they prepare to continue on with their lives and go their separate ways.

Arda Inegol, Business Manager

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Robert Pattinson’s first time playing the role of the caped crusader comes with “The Batman.” The movie, released on March 4, made $134 million in its opening weekend alone. Contrary to other superhero movies released in the last few years — specifically Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies — the film blends action and crime with the genres of psychological thriller and horror. 

In the movie, Batman, who is helped by the likes of Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) and Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), has to solve a mystery set up by the Riddler (Paul Dano) in order to save Gotham City. Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, must also uncover his family’s hidden secrets during the process. Additionally, as he struggles to save politicians who are being continuously murdered by the Riddler, he discovers their corrupt and dishonest natures.

The movie starts out with a young and inexperienced Batman who tries to rid Gotham’s streets of dangerous criminals at night. Viewers see his anger and frustration, and when he says “I’m vengeance,” during one of his fights with a group of criminals, his dark side reflects on screen. Unlike other superhero movies, this movie does not refrain from presenting a scary and haunting tone to its watchers by including intense fighting sequences and frightening mysteries. Viewers are thus encapsulated in this traumatic yet exciting world for nearly three hours. Despite its length, the movie successfully grasps its viewers and immerses them in this thrilling cinematic world.

Batman soon realizes that he has to solve a mystery set up by the Riddler to prevent him from killing more politicians. The Riddler is depicted as a ruthless criminal, and when he kills yet another high-ranking citizen with a rat, viewers are truly able to feel the terror projected through the screen. During this time, Batman also teams up with Catwoman and seeks answers from the Penguin (Colin Farrell). Both of these characters do an amazing job of bringing life to the comic book characters they represent; as in the comics, Catwoman acts as a love interest for Batman, while the Penguin adds much-needed humor in the right moments.

The highlight of the movie, however, is the car chase scene where Batman has to track down the Penguin to retrieve information relating to the location of the Riddler. The pace of the scene combined with its incredible cinematography captures the viewers, and the visuals with the bright fire and the upside-down camera angle enriches the viewing experience. This scene was actually the clip that ended the first trailer for the movie, released back in October 2021, so many viewers were anticipating this moment.

As the caped crusader continues to receive clues from the Riddler, he finally comes to understand that the Riddler wants him to capture Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), a powerful mob boss who has been secretly controlling the entire city for 20 years. When Batman does capture Falcone, the Riddler immediately kills the mob boss and is arrested by the police the same night. Due to all of these events, the movie does not feel slow; it feels exciting and punchy. The acting is great, the script is phenomenal and the choreography is as effective as can be.

When the Batman discovers that the Riddler has planted bombs all over the city, it is already too late and Gotham floods with water. These large-scale explosions create suspense that makes this scene feel alarmingly real.

The final action sequence comes with a major standoff between the Riddler’s men and the Batman, Catwoman and Gotham police, who are able to stop the terrorists from taking over the city and killing the newly-elected mayor. This close fight nearly ends with Batman’s death, and when the tide turns against the criminals, the movie feels extremely rewarding.

Nevertheless, the most emotional scene appears when the two main heroes agree to go their separate ways. As a dedicated crime-fighter, Batman expresses his willingness to stay in Gotham and save his hometown from further issues. Unlike most other movies that end with the characters being happy, this movie does not feel afraid to portray a feeling of uncertainty as to what will happen in the future.

In general, “The Batman” feels dark, suspenseful, emotional and inquisitive all in the right instances. With its masterful visuals, enthralling score and star-studded cast, it does not feel slow or boring, but allows the viewer to think and care about what is taking place on the screen. It accurately brings a comic-book story to life and sets up a giant sea of opportunities for an even better sequel.