Badminton team determined to make playoff push


Farah Caban

Co-captains and juniors Madison Gen Eugenio and Erika Jiang play No. 1 doubles against San Mateo on April 5.

Farah Caban, Business Manager

Although the Burlingame badminton team did not have the smoothest start to their season with a record of (4-6), Coach Sal Banquiles wholeheartedly believes every player, and the team as a whole, are improving after each match and practice. 


“Most of my players are super-beginner. They had to learn the basics first. But now, I’ve given them [a] higher load in order to improve more,” Banquiles said. 


As of April 20, Burlingame is fifth place in the Central Coast Section (CCS) Bay Division. After losing their first matches to Mills High School and San Mateo High School, the team had to make some changes.


“You have to switch people around. Sometimes you have to put them in doubles or put them in singles, so that you can have some variety, and at the same time, you can teach them both how to be good at both,” co-captain and junior Madison Gen Eugenio said. 


Banquiles has started to increase training at practice, including more advanced strategies and drills. He discusses tactics with the team, like strategically placing the birdies and the best approaches to defense. However, he notes the team still has some work to do. 


“Sometimes, if you’re inside the court, sometimes they really forget. I keep telling them, just practice what you practiced this morning,” Banquiles said.


Eugenio was also concerned with the players’ mentality, as they sometimes “get too serious to the point that we like, beat ourselves up,” she said. 


Banquiles will continue to increase the difficulty of the training at the practices in hopes of performing well in the CCS playoffs. 


“In order to master the skill, they have to keep on doing it. Doing it many — so many times — in order to master it,” Banquiles said.