Girls’ golf battles through heat wave against Woodside


Arshia Chakravartti

Junior Ellie Dowd chips the ball onto the green on the ninth hole during their match against Woodside High School on Sept. 8.

Arshia Chakravartti, Copy Editor

Amid sweltering heat that reached 94 degrees Fahrenheit, the varsity girls’ golf team fell toWoodside High School on Sept. 8 after a hard fought match. 

The Panthers put their best foot forward against the Wildcats, but were unable to close the point deficit towards the end. 

The final score amounted to 220-187 with Woodside coming out as the winners in the heated match at Mariner’s Point. This marks the first and only loss this season for Burlingame with a record of 2-1 — one of the program’s most successful starts in recent years. 

“We won two matches, and we just lost the other one…But besides that, I think we’re doing pretty well,” junior Ellie Dowd said. 

Despite the loss, the team’s performance and perseverance in the heat stood out to Burlingame head coach Traci Kreppel.

“It was really hot, and we made it through. There [were] a lot of great shots, we had a lot of first time players out there that were awesome, and it was just super fun,” Kreppel said. 

Freshman Adriana Evans was one of those first time players. Evans has been playing golf for just over a year and had a very good outing against Woodside.

“It’s been really fun, and this match was awesome. I enjoyed it,” Evans said.

Evans’ personal score was 49, and she managed to score a bogey on the fifth hole, which means she was just one shot over par. 

Dowd, a returning veteran, has been a standout player this season. On the team since her freshman year, she came into the match with an open mindset. 

“I was a little nervous because I never played Woodside before. I wasn’t sure about their skill level…but I’m always excited and happy to play [and] after we start it’s always fine,” Dowd said.

Dowd had the lowest score on the team with a 39, boosted by par on the 6th and 7th holes. 

Overall, the team is in a very stable position right now, and maintaining an optimistic outlook for the rest of the season.

“We’re on a really good positive trajectory,” Kreppel said.